Thursday, 23 April 2020


♥️My favourite quarantine beauty products♥️

Hi darlings♥️

I thought I would share three of my favourite products to take care of myself during quarantine! It can be really easy to be lazy during this time as it can feel as though there is no motivation to do anything, but when we have so much time on our hands its soooo important to take care of ourselves. When i'm at university I hardly take the time to get into a solid routine but i've really started to do this during quarantine and now it's part of my daily life and I feel so much better for it!

1. CHANEL LES BEIGES Healthy Glow Gel Touch Foundation SPF 25.

I’m not really wearing much make up during quarantine, so i've been using this as a concealer just to cover any blemishes or redness that I have and it makes me feel a little more alive😂. Also, it has SPF 25 which is great as the weather is starting to improve!

2. DIOR LipGlow Colour Reviver Balm

Trust me when I say- I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THIS!! It is honestly the most nourishing lip balm I have ever tried. It also brings out the natural colour of your lips so it makes it look like you are wearing a little bit of make up too. 

3. Moroccan Oil

Honestly, before quarantine I really did not take enough of the time to look after my hair as much as I should...but now I have the time I have been using the Moroccan Oil in my hair at least 2/3 times a week and my hair is in SUCH better condition. Although it has never been in bad condition, I can definitely notice the difference that using this often makes and now it’s just a habit that I’ll carry on!

I hope you guys are all doing well and safe during quarantine!! Taking care of yourself during this time is so important! (Especially if you’re a stressed student like me). I hope you liked this post, please do like and comment your favourite quarantine beauty products! 

Lots of love, G xxx



  1. Love these beauty basics and Dior makeup is so luxe! I've never tried Chanel foundation but I love their powder and tan de soleil :)

  2. Thanks for sharing these products. My hair is so badly damaged; I've been looking for something to help with the condition of it, so I'll try this. :)

    1. I'd definitely recommend the Moroccan Oil then i've noticed SUCH a difference! hope it works xx

  3. Ahhhhh I'm so tempted by the Chanel foundation! Nice post :)


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