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Get to know me: 5 things I like, 5 things I dislike.

♥️5 things I like, 5 things I dislike♥️

Hi everyone, welcome to my first ever post on my brand new blog!
As a starter, I thought i'd do a little get to know me in the form of 5 things I like, 5 things I dislike!

5 things I like...

1. Blogging (obviously)
From a young age, I have always excelled in English because I love writing, so I decided to create my own personal blog where I could write about all my favourite things. 

2. Fashion and beauty 
I have always loved all things fashion since I was younger (and even though I look back at things I wore at 13 I cringe sooo badly, it was the style at the time and I always made sure I kept up to date with trends!) but as i've got older, although I still do love implementing fashion trends, I have definitely found my own personal style and my outfits are definitely a lot more classic. I have also always loved make up and skin care (I always got told off in school for wearing make up when I shouldn't have been๐Ÿ™Š). I love getting all glammed up but also love creating natural everyday looks.

3. Luxury and designer things 
Now, i'm not actually sure where this obsession came from, as none of family or friends are into this, but I found a love for designer things (mainly handbags) when I was about 14/15. I remember I got a brand new MacBook Air and I convinced my parents to buy me a Michael Kors handbag because my laptop would be safe as it had a laptop section (which it actually really is and I still use this today) but ever since then I have always loved designer and luxury handbags, shoes, clothes and much more! My favourite so far being my beautiful beautiful Mulberry Bayswater handbag. 

4. Health and fitness 
Health and fitness is a HUGE part of my life.  I have always loved sports including hockey, netball and tennis and also played hockey for my university in my first year. However, during my first year of university I also fell in love with going to the gym. I went every single day and it really helped me get through a difficult time in my life as it was a massive stress relief for me. Since then, I enjoy regularly attending the gym (mainly working legs and glutes I cannot lie๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ˜‚) as it makes me feel a lot happier and keeping healthy is really important to me! Additionally from this, I try to take care of my diet as much as possible but I do of course love pizza, ice cream and donuts too!! I also love taking long dog walks and exploring new places as i'll talk about in my next point...

5. Travelling and exploring new places
I have always enjoyed exploring new places but I haven't yet been able to explore much of the world outside of England (but I really hope to in the future). However, I was incredibly lucky enough to be chosen to go to Zambia with my school a few years back where I got to volunteer by teaching children and helping paint and reconstruct buildings. I also got to visit the beautiful Victoria Falls. The best part about Zambia was definitely the safari! we chose to canoe across the Zambezi River instead of using standard Safari trucks and the views were just amazing. Hopefully I get to travel a lot more in the next few years and I can document it on here and vlog it all for you guys to see too!

5 things I dislike...

1. Most insects
Especially ones that can sting or bite me - such as spiders and wasps!

2. Being unorganised
I really enjoy having some sort of routine to my day and creating a checklist of things that I need to do (which is quite vital as a law student with the endless amount of work i have). 

3. Broken promises/lies
Now this may be a bit naive of me, but I always stick to my promises and I am always honest and upfront about situations and I expect people to do the same for me. Unfortunately, this is not always the case though and can (and has in the past) led to me being let down or taken for granted. 

4. Social media (the negative side)
Although social media is a great platform for networking, keeping up with friends, and of course it is important to me for my blogging, it can also be extremely toxic, especially to younger individuals. Young girls especially begin to feel insecure in comparison to Instagram models who photoshop their pictures to perfection and are also vulnerable in relation to sexual exploitation due to the lack of privacy controls on many platforms, in addition to the ease for people to pretend to be someone they are not – for example older men portraying to be young boys. This is quite scary and would worry me if I was a parent of a child! Furthermore, online bullying and harassment is also a huge issue – it is so easy for individuals to hide behind a keyboard and type nasty comments with the touch of a button which can have severe mental health effects on the victim. I just wish everyone would be a bit more kind to each other! 

5. Sea food and nuts! ๐Ÿ˜ท
I can eat cod and tuna, but any other sea food and all nuts are a completely no no for me! I can't even stand the smell! ๐Ÿ˜‚

That's all from me today! I hope that his gave you a little insight into me (but i'm sure you start to get to know me a bit better as I start to blog more frequently in the future).
Please follow me on the rest of social media to keep up to date! and always, don't hesitate to get in touch i'd love to hear from you! Comment down below 5 things you like, and 5 things you dislike as i'd love to get to know you guys too!
Lots of love, G♥️
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